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Best Grocery Delivery Vancouver – Get Groceries Fast & Cheap

Whether it’s in Vancouver or other outlying metropolitan areas, Grocery delivery is a complex problem to tackle. In addition to paying exorbitant ‘convenience fees,’ many online grocery delivery shoppers find the process incredibly long and taxing.

A process that delivers groceries right to your door can sometimes take more time than it frees up!

Fortunately, grocery shopping online in Vancouver doesn’t have to be so gruelling, expensive or tiresome.

At Cantec Couriers, we’re not only on a mission to make your deliveries easier, but your life, too! Documents, gifts, or even a bag of chips – Cantec Couriers delivers anything!

Here’s how you can use Cantec Couriers to make grocery delivery affordable, accessible and amazing!

Grocery Delivery Vancouver – What’s Best Choice for Groceries?

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Online shopping is changing. As more and more retailers embrace eCommerce shipping,  shoppers are increasingly ditching a trip to the grocery store, favouring the convenience of shopping online. This is especially true in Vancouver, where heavy traffic, crowded stores and packed schedules make shopping even more difficult.

When it comes to getting groceries delivered to your door, don’t leave it up to chance with grocery services that charge expensive hidden fees, offer inflexible delivery times and high minimum order amounts.

Product quality, delivery time and cost are critical factors when it comes to any form of delivery, and these factors are especially pertinent when it comes to your groceries.

With that being said, here’s why Cantec Couriers is the best choice for grocery shopping and delivery.

Same-day Delivery

Today, as many as 59% of millennials use Amazon as their shopping platform of choice, and for good reason. While expedited shipping is appreciated, many online shoppers have come to expect same-day delivery. Amazon has perfected their delivery logistics to the point where it can meet these expectations en-masse, but many grocery stores in Vancouver are still struggling to meet these demands.

Staff shortages, inadequate infrastructure and a lack of delivery drivers are all problems that hinder and slow down the grocery delivery process.

Sometimes, a grocery store might even be forced to ask their customers to physically visit the store to pick up their orders during peak hours. At Cantec Couriers, we believe your order should be delivered promptly and safely to your house regardless of when you place your order.  We also believe that you shouldn’t have to wait for hours to receive your groceries.

At Cantec Couriers, you can send or receive whatever you want within the same day. Our fleet of couriers provides the fastest, most reliable grocery delivery to your door no matter where you’re located in Vancouver.

Don’t just order your cake; eat it too!

Flex Delivery

People in Vancouver live busy lives. After all, time constraints are just one reason why grocery delivery is such a popular service! Often, it saves more time to place a grocery delivery order before your commute home than it does to place one once you arrive home. After all, who doesn’t love returning home to all of your favourite groceries? 

However, this comes with a host of other difficulties. Many grocery delivery services force you to receive your packages at a specific time. If you’re not home to receive your order, they’ll leave your groceries out by your door or your step. Organic fruits and vegetables left for hours under the sun? It’s a likely outcome if you’re ordering from a grocery delivery service focusing on quantity instead of quality.

Fortunately, Cantec Couriers offers flex delivery!

With flex-delivery, customers can select when, where and how they’d like to receive their groceries. If you’re ordering fresh produce, meat or any kind of temperature-sensitive food, you’ll understand why it’s so essential to pick a time that works for you and not against you.

Transparent Pricing

Have you ever placed an order with a delivery service only to be met with undisclosed fees and surcharges?

Worse yet, has your order ever been declined because it didn’t meet the minimum order threshold to be delivered? It’s a common occurrence, and it’s not an obstacle you should face when you’re trying to get your groceries delivered.

At Cantec Couriers, we don’t believe in hiding our prices or manipulating our clients. When you place an order with us, you’ll know exactly how much your order and delivery will cost upfront. Our transparent pricing model lets you see precisely how much you owe and lets you pay as you go.

No hidden service fees, no minimum order thresholds; just the food you need at a price that’ll please!

Grocery Delivery in Vancouver Right to Your Door

Whether you’re located in North Vancouver or Vancouver proper, Cantec Couriers can deliver everything you need directly to you! Our flexible delivery options, dedication to service and affordable pricing ensure that all of your meat, snacks and organic produce arrive on time speedily, affordably and without any damage! 

Creating an account and signing up with us is fast and straightforward. Experience the Cantec Couriers difference today! 

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