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5 Ways Cantec Couriers Helps You Offer Stress Free Delivery

Stress-free delivery is something everybody wants. Checking constantly for online updates that never change and waiting at home for your parcel to arrive just to find out that it’s been delayed is something nobody wants to go through. 

Even with many retailers offering expedited shipping, long delivery times, lack of updates, and consistent delays can make even the fastest shipping seem like forever. 

With their large fulfillment centres, Amazon is just one of the few corporations that offer same-day delivery. Today, 59% of millennials will turn to Amazon delivery first for their online shopping before any other retailer, a statistic born out of the incredible convenience that the shopping platform offers. 

Shopping habits are trending towards online accessibility, convenience and speed. In order to succeed, businesses must be prepared to meet their customers’ expectations. 

However, as businesses begin to make their storefronts available online, many face the logistical and administrative nightmare of fulfilling their orders.

Hiring your own drivers, processing online orders and preparing your products for delivery with only a small team of employees is complicated. 

Although it might seem impossible, stress-free delivery is easier to execute than you’d think. Here’s how Cantec Couriers can help you and your business save time, offer online sales and offer same-day delivery to your customers!

Stress Free Delivery – 5 Ways Cantec Couriers Can Help

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Offering your customers the convenience of same-day delivery doesn’t necessitate establishing your own fulfillment centre. Here are five ways Cantec Couriers can help you start delivering to your customers today!

Easy Installation – Seamless Integration

What if you could turn your storefront into a warehouse? With Cantec, all you have to do to start delivering from your store to your customer’s door is to sign up online and install our app!

Available on mobile and desktop, the Cantec Couriers app transforms your store’s eCommerce store into a full-fledged fulfillment centre. Our platform integrates seamlessly into any WordPress or WooCommerce site and lets you start delivering right away.

No additional POS, no sign-up fees and no warehouse needed. Just download the app and sign up! Offering same-day delivery to your customers is as easy as 1-2-3! 

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Onboard Your Own Drivers or Use Our Trusted Fleet!

Sourcing a delivery vehicle, dispatching delivery drivers and providing delivery updates to your customers is a lot to handle. For true stress-free delivery, you need a service that lets you helps you do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on what matters. 

Cantec can help you fulfill your deliveries with our team of trusted, vetted and certified drivers or give you a hand in managing your own. Cantec lets you organize, schedule and manage drivers you onboard through our mobile app. 

Track fuel expenses, performance and delivery progress at a glance on your dashboard and automatically dispatch your drivers with the push of a button! Shipping has never been easier.

Flexible and Functional

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No delivery is the same. We understand that more than anyone. Convenience isn’t just about accessibility and speed; sometimes, it’s about rising being flexible enough to meet others halfway. 

Whether you want your delivery driver to personally meet with and hand off a parcel to your customer or simply drop it off on their porch, our flex delivery option gives you the freedom to choose. 

On the Cantec Couriers app, you can select a pick-up and drop-off time for your packages that work best for both you and your customers. Take the guesswork out of the equation – let your customers decide when they want to receive their package instead of waiting to receive it! 

Alternatively, you can offer your customers the ability to track their packages kilometre by kilometre until it’s in their hands with live delivery tracking! You can also track the delivery progress of all of your drivers on the Cantec app too! 

No matter how, when or what you want to be delivered, we’re here to help 

Optimized Delivery For the Fastest Speeds

Your customers don’t just want convenience; they expect it. We know how to beat the challenges of last mile delivery to delight your customers for repeat business. 

Our secret? It lies within our optimization tool!

When drivers use the Cantec Couriers app, they have access to optimized delivery routes that cut delivery times, reduce fuel expenses and monitor route conditions. Earning more money for your business and cutting down on your business’s costs just got a lot easier. 

Affordable Pricing – Completely Transparent

We champion honesty, integrity and transparency. It’s hard not to when you’re a courier! As such, we don’t believe in manipulating our customers with confusing pricing plans.

When you’re ready to make a delivery, the Cantec Couriers app offers a competitive price based on the size of your package, distance to the recipient and how fast you want it to be delivered. The price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay – no hidden fees; no surprise service charges amounts, no-nonsense. 

Think Cantec Couriers for Your Next Stress Free Delivery

The world is changing. Having a website and offering online sales to your customers will help your business survive, but you need same-day delivery and fast shipping if you want to thrive. 

With so many challenges facing small business shipping, getting started can seem almost impossible. However, if there’s a will, there’s a way. With Cantec, there’s no better way to rise to your customer’s expectations than with our stress-free delivery services. 

No matter the industry or service you’re offering, we’re here to help you meet and exceed your customers’ expectations. Make stress-free delivery your business’s only type of delivery. Sign up and start delivering with Cantec Couriers today! 

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