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Alcohol Delivery – Why Cantec Couriers is the Fastest

In a time where delivery and expedited shipping solutions are in as high of a demand as ever before, it’s only logical that these things would eventually progress and catch the attention of more luxury-based industries, such as alcohol delivery.

At Cantec Couriers, we are quick to realize and bring to fruition any potential services and offerings we can supply to make our customer’s lives easier and deliver items as soon as possible. 

Our alcohol delivery service is no different! 

Our flex-delivery options allow you to schedule shipments to surprise your loved ones, plan a delivery, and get the things you need at the lowest rates and fastest possible delivery times.

In this article, we’re breaking down how Cantec Couriers is the superior delivery service to fulfill your alcohol delivery needs and the reasoning behind its benefits.

Alcohol Delivery Vancouver – Why Cantec Delivery is the Ideal Choice

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The food and drink delivery industry has increased exponentially in recent years due to a wide range of mitigating factors.

The rise and expansion of eCommerce platforms have provided an added level of convenience in which users don’t necessarily have to go to stores to obtain their desired items. 

Not only is this realm of delivery service convenient, but it also poses a broader range of benefits that customers can take advantage of, including increased safety, speed and greater flexibility.

Still, who should you turn to for your alcohol delivery needs for the most reliable, efficient and transparent service?

At Cantec Couriers, we don’t think customers should have to wait hours for an item they need to be delivered ASAP.

After all, when you’re anticipating a liquor delivery, you likely want it to arrive as promptly as possible, right? We get that!

On top of our trustworthiness and commitment to executing deliveries in a timely and dependable fashion, we also take pride in our transparent pricing structure. 

In other words, we don’t believe in hidden service fees or delivery charges. 

Our straightforward pricing model lets you know exactly how much you owe and lets you pay as you go.

Additionally, our drivers undergo rigorous background checks and onboarding processes to guarantee the safety of couriers, your packages, and you.

Here’s How it Works:

Step 1 – Enter Pick-Up and Drop-Off Details

Select a location for our drivers to pick up and drop off your package, in this instance, your wine, beer, or other variation of liquor you wish to have delivered.

Step 2 – Confirm Package Details

Enter any relevant details surrounding your alcohol delivery, including the specific items in the shipment, where they’re coming from, and how much.

Step 3 – Review & Confirm Your Order

Pay, authorize, and schedule a time for Cantec Couriers to pick up and drop off your order.

Step 4 – Relax & Track

Sit back, and let us do all the heavy lifting! You can also follow along and track your delivery until it’s delivered to your desired/designated drop-off location.

That’s it. It truly is that simple!

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Reasons to Opt for Alcohol Delivery 

alcohol delivery vancouver

As we briefly mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are several benefits for choosing to have your wine, beer, spirits, or liquor brought directly to you via alcohol delivery.

Below, we will outline the most prevalent advantages.

Increased Safety

With various COVID-19 restrictions gradually being lifted, alcohol delivery may pose a safe solution for obtaining different products responsibly rather than going out and getting them in stores. 

Depending on the particular circumstance, such as a party, celebration or other social occasions where drinking is involved, liquor delivery presents a viable alternative to dangerous, illegal and unsafe acts, such as driving under the influence.

Nobody needs to put their lives at risk. We at Cantec Couriers are passionate advocates for the safety of our couriers and customers and are more than happy to fulfill these services for you.


Convenient and flexible, flex-delivery allows consumers to select precisely which location will receive their delivery of an online purchase. In the context of alcohol delivery, this could be a home address, sending a gift to a friend or family member, or delivering to a business.

This solution also allows users to schedule a specific time to receive the package, negating the need to stay at home or in another location to wait for their items to arrive. In this way, flex-delivery for alcohol is a safe, secure and reliable way for delivering items and granting customers the additional flexibility to receive them whenever and wherever they want.

Cantec Couriers vies to minimize any stress surrounding packages arriving intact and on time. Our streamlined system ensures that you can breathe a sigh of relief and get excited about and enjoy your items rather than worrying about where they are or when they’re meant to arrive.


Whether you’re at a party or laying low for the evening and enjoying a relaxing drink, the level of urgency surrounding a liquor order will vary. 

However, more often than not, customers want their orders to arrive as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Alcohol delivery poses a viable solution to have your orders delivered straight to your doorstep without needing to venture to a store and possibly battling with unsavoury factors such as traffic or poor product selection.

In this way, you can receive the items you want without having to leave the house!

Cantec Couriers understands the desire for speedy delivery, which is why we’ve developed a streamlined system to ensure the fastest deliveries at the lowest possible prices to have you enjoying your beverage of choice that much sooner.

Alcohol Delivery – Made Easier with Cantec Couriers

Alcohol delivery has almost become an industry in itself in recent years.

Whether it’s for a social occasion or just unwinding on the couch with a glass of wine, these delivery options provide a convenient, practical, and safe way for customers to receive their products.

At Cantec Couriers, we’re committed to ensuring the fastest possible delivery times with low prices to save you time and money! 

We don’t believe in hidden fees or unnecessary fine print. Instead, our transparent pricing model and top-of-the-line customer care make us the superior choice for all your delivery needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about our various services, sign up with Cantec Couriers today! 

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