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Canpar Courier vs Cantec Courier – Who’s the Better Parcel Specialists?

Canpar Courier, also known as Canpar Express, is another entry in a growing network of independent operating companies owned by TFI International. Specializing in parcel delivery, package tracking and eCommerce support with wide geographical coverage, the company is used by many Canadians to deliver and receive their packages, but do they really provide solid, dependable service? 

TFI International creates a comprehensive and unique combination of capabilities and technological upgrades for Canpar Courier, but a quick browse through their reviews online paints an entirely different picture.

When delivering customers’ parcels efficiently, you deserve to look for reliable, dependable service and partner with a shipping and delivery business that works with you and your schedule to meet your unique needs.

You deserve Cantec Couriers.

With so many courier companies available for Canadians to choose from, picking between the long list of company names can be challenging. 

If you’re not sure whether Canpar Courier or Cantec Couriers is the better choice for you and your business, let’s compare and contrast their differences.

Canpar Courier vs Cantec Courier

Initially founded in Brampton, Ontario, in 1976, Canpar Courier has provided domestic and cross-border delivery services for Canadian customers for decades. In 2002, TFI International, a large transport business, acquired and took over the local courier business to expand.

Since then, Canpar Courier has been subject to a litany of negative reviews, bad customer experiences and poor service.  Common pain points for Canpar Courier customers seem to focus on their poor service, long delivery times and lack of delivery notice, but are these concerns valid?

canpar courier reviews

Here’s how Canpar Courier (Canpar Express) compares to Cantec Couriers.

eCommerce Solutions

On their website, Canpar Courier offers a host of eCommerce tools ranging from shipping rates, shipment generation and Canpar tracking services, as well as API integrations with four eCommerce platforms.

As more and more shoppers switch from offline to online shopping, an eCommerce website is an essential asset – but should Canpar Express be the one providing our business with online support?

Providing customers with eCommerce resources goes beyond offering shipment tracking, shipment rates and scheduled pickups. In today’s retail landscape, these services aren’t a bonus; they’re an expectation.

More fulfillment options, flex delivery and same-day delivery, are technological upgrades that customers expect easy access to and services Canpar Express does not offer.

Cantec Couriers, on the other hand, has an API that seamlessly integrated with your eCommerce or online platform in minutes without the need for an IT team while providing you with:

  • Real-time package tracking
  • Real-time driver tracking
  • Flex delivery
  • Performance metrics and statistics for employees and drivers
  • Delivery Scheduling on your store’s checkout page
  • Same-day delivery
  • Hybrid fulfilment options
  • Dark store functionality
  • Payments and order management

While Canpar Express has been around for a while, their absence of technological and eCommerce expertise tells of their poor understanding of online business.

Multiple Fulfillment Options

To operate your business cost-effectively, you need to be prepared to pivot at a moment’s notice to meet your customers’ expectations.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have shifted from providing segmented online and offline experiences to offering hybrid ones.

In other words, they’re transforming their retail stores into dark stores – miniature warehouses that can simultaneously operate as a retail store and a fulfillment center.

Also known as dark stores, these hybrid stores offer customers the ability to shop online and pick up their orders in-store, pick up their orders via curbside pickup, or shop in person. Large retailers such as Bed, Bath & Beyond and Whole Foods are already piloting the program in their larger flagship stores with great success.

Having more fulfillment options is always good. With Cantec Couriers, offering your customers the ability to choose when, where and how fast they’d like to receive their order is as easy as downloading and installing the app!

Check out our technology page to learn more!

Canpar Courier, despite its establishment in 1976, has yet to adapt to the changing reality of eCommerce and currently does not help its clients set up hybrid stores or offer multiple fulfillment options.

App and Mobile

Mobile has become one of the most well-defined business segments in recent years. As smartphones become more and more essential for everyday life and business, optimizing services for mobile users is growing increasingly important.

A recent survey forecasts that mobile shopping will make up almost half of the total eCommerce market share and for good reason. Mobile applications and platforms are accessible, convenient and easy to use, allowing consumers to shop online, track their shipments and pay for their orders anytime and anywhere.

For example, Cantec Courier’s app not only lets you and your business dispatch orders, schedule pickups and manage orders all on your phone or desktop; it also enables you to track our courier’s progress and performance.

While Canpar Courier offers desktop functionality, they do not have a mobile app for their clients to use.  Unlike Canpar Express, Cantec Couriers is a digitally-native company that specializes in parcel delivery no matter where you’re at or which platform you’re on. Why waste time logging in to a computer when you can manage all of your orders and deliveries on your phone?

Canpar Courier vs Cantec Courier – Your Parcel Delivery Specialist

Canpar Courier presents itself as a courier company with solutions designed to help your business grow, but as we’ve explored today, their offerings fall short of businesses of today need to stay competitive. Failing to offer mobile functionality, multiple fulfillment options and comprehensive eCommerce solutions to its clients, it’s no surprise why their services are rated so lowly online.

When it comes to providing the best online and offline parcel delivery in Canada, there’s no better choice than Cantec Couriers. Learn more about what we offer for your business and your staff how you can delight your customers with same-day delivery by signing up for free!

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