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Convenient Convenience Store Delivery – Shipping with Cantec Couriers

Convenience store delivery is supposed to offer you convenience at your fingertips. However, getting convenience store delivery is often an expensive and time-consuming endeavour. 

Whether you’ve got a hankering for some snacks, need an emergency roll of toilet paper or just want to get your hands on some necessary household essentials, convenience stores offer a fast, affordable and convenient way to get what you need without having to visit the grocery store. 

While many deliver apps and services offer convenience store delivery, they often come with a price. Being charged a fee to receive the convenience of delivery is a given. Still, it becomes problematic when you’re being charged so-called “convenience fees” for some food and drinks from your local bodega. 

Worse yet, you might be required to have a minimum order threshold just to place your order! Imagine loading up your shopping cart with $15 worth of snacks just to be able to place your order and paying additional service fees and delivery charges on top of that! 

But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Here’s how Cantec Couriers is making convenience store delivery convenient again! 

Convenience Store Delivery – The Cantec Couriers Difference


As eCommerce shipping is becoming more and more widespread, shoppers are increasingly snubbing their noses at visiting a convenience store in favour of ordering their household essentials online. 

Consumer shopping habits have changed, and more people realize the convenience of shopping online for everything from their groceries to their alcohol. Convenience stores, bastions of food, drink, and other household essentials are unexempt from this. 

However, modern-day convenience shouldn’t come at the expense of your wallet! Here are three ways Cantec Couriers is making convenience store delivery easier. 

Transparent Pricing

More often than not, food delivery apps will charge you a service fee and a convenience fee just to get your convenience store delivery! What’s more, is that these charges are often incurred after the fact. Sometimes, you won’t even know how much your basket of goods will cost until you end up paying! 

Where’s the honesty in that? 

Sometimes, your order might not even go through if it doesn’t meet the minimum amount threshold! Imagine picking up a carton of milk, some snacks and a few drinks and finding out you have to pay an additional fee because you were buying too few items! 

At Cantec Couriers, we don’t believe in hiding or manipulating our prices. When you place a delivery order with us, all of the fees and costs associated with your delivery are available to be viewed upfront. You’ll only pay what you see!

Flex Delivery

If you like to save time, you’ll love the advantages of flex delivery. Saving time is one of the main reasons why convenience store delivery is so popular, after all! 

Cantec Couriers makes it easy to receive your package whenever you’d like it to offer more convenience and time savings. If you’re on your walk home and want to come home to a fresh helping of snacks, you can schedule our delivery couriers to drop off your delivery as soon as you get home. 

This service is especially useful if you’re ordering milk, dairy, or any other perishable item that you need to refrigerate right away. It’s also convenient for keeping your packages safe and secure when you’re not home! 

It’s a win-win!

Same-Day Delivery

Almost 60% of millennials today prefer using shopping platforms that offer same-day delivery. As technology improves, people have come to expect more from both their online and offline retailers. Expedited shipping is no longer a premium service – it’s a customary expectation. 

At Cantec Couriers, we’re all about delivering on more than just your expectations. All of our deliveries are fulfilled the same day, and sometimes even faster! 

We dispatch drivers based on driver availability, proximity, and road conditions to help you get your deliveries faster. Our drivers also benefit from our mobile app, which automatically optimizes delivery routes based on traffic and proximity to ensure you’re getting the things you need at the fastest possible speed!

Delivering More Than Convenience Store Delivery

Convenience stores have always helped their visitors out in a pinch. Whether it be food and snacks or diapers and toilet paper, neighbourhood denizens have depended on their neighbourhood convenience store to help them save the day. With Cantec Couriers, you can save on time by ordering online and save your money by avoiding the hassle of other delivery services! 

Our flexible delivery options, affordable pricing and speedy couriers ensure that you’ll get whatever you need, whenever you need it – all at an affordable price. 

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