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How Cantec Couriers is Changing Delivery Jobs

These days, it’s not uncommon for people to join the gig economy and pick up delivery jobs either as a full-time gig or a part-time side hustle.

At Cantec Couriers, we are passionate about doing everything we can to ensure that our delivery driver personnel are happy, healthy and safe. After all, our drivers are the lifeblood of our business and are vital in keeping the economy running! 

However, not all delivery driver jobs are created equal. 

Cantec Couriers’ goal is to stand out from the rest not only as an equal opportunity employer but as a business that allows drivers to enjoy the flexibility of flex deliveries and accepting work when it best suits their individual lives and schedules.

Courier Service & Delivery Driver Jobs

Today, many people expect instant gratification and same-day delivery. As such, the sheer number of delivery driver jobs is at an all-time high.

Because of this influx in delivery demand, the job pool for couriers has increased exponentially.

For many companies, having a valid driver’s license is enough to get your foot through the door to becoming independently contracted and enjoying the financial freedom of these new jobs.

However, these companies must also offer creative incentives to retain their drivers, but sometimes these concepts aren’t as black and white as they seem.

For example, some delivery service apps provide drivers with the ability to keep 100% of their tips. 

That said, what they don’t tell you is that your earning potential as a delivery driver might actually be lower because of this.

They’ll draw you in, saying that you can keep 100% of your tips.

But without a minimum tip guarantee, you could actually end up taking home less overall!

With Cantec Couriers, we have an efficient and effective incentive-based system to keep our drivers engaged and happy, but we’ll get to the appeals of driving for us a little later on!

With this in mind, below, we’ll outline the pros and cons of some of the most commonly seen delivery driver positions.

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Food Delivery Jobs

food delivery jobs

Food delivery is arguably the most widely used delivery service. Whether in a full or part-time capacity, many people take up these positions.


  • Working independently
  • Earning/supplementing your income
  • Working outside of a 9 to 5 office-style job
  • Free food (depending on the company/restaurant)


  • Working nights, weekends and holidays
  • Unpredictable clientele
  • Long waits for food/time pressures
  • Multiple points of contact
  • Usually requires specialty equipment/storage

Superstore Delivery 

grocery delivery jobs

Grocery deliveries have also seen a substantial uptick in recent years. Whether customers enjoy the convenience or don’t have schedules that permit visiting the store themselves, this service has become a meaningful lifeline for individuals and families alike.


  • Flexible hours
  • Straightforward responsibilities
  • On-time payments


  • Split roles (in-store and full-time shoppers)
  • Relying on others to effectively perform tasks (if not a full-time shopper)
  • Unpredictable days (busy or slow)
  • Paying your way for vehicle mileage, fuel costs, and maintenance/repairs

Alcohol Delivery

alcohol delivery

For many, alcohol delivery services are a relatively new concept where customers can have their booze delivered to their homes. For drivers, there are benefits and drawbacks.


  • Flexible hours
  • Potential tips
  • Earning/supplementing your income


  • Unpredictable/potentially intoxicated customers
  • Heavy packages
  • Working nights, weekends and holidays

Cantec Couriers Delivery Jobs – Explaining the Cantec Difference

At Cantec Couriers, we want to ensure that our drivers feel safe, seen, and fulfilled. 

We offer a model in which a courier can work on their own time, maintain their own schedule and have the flexibility of driving and accepting deliveries whenever and for whatever they want.

After all, ‘courier’ isn’t just in the job description. It’s in our name!

Let us explain the Cantec difference in greater detail below.

Earn More

Our understanding of delivery driving is that if you do the work, you earn the perks. We provide our drivers with an enticing commission model that helps them earn more. With Cantec Couriers, increasing your earning potential has never been easier!

Additionally, all drivers are guaranteed a minimum dollar amount per pick-up to ensure that our drivers are paid what they’re worth.

  • Tiered Commission Matrix – Deliver more packages and ‘level up’ to increase your earning potential
  • Multi-Delivery System – Collect multiple parcels from one location for maximum earning potential and efficiency (one pick-up can be 20 drop-offs priced at $10 each = $200!)
  • Earn a guaranteed minimum per pick-up

Be Your Own Boss

A delivery driver is an independently suited job type.

In other words, with Cantec, you can work as little or as much as you’d like! 

Our structure adapts to various schedules to deliver packages when and where works best for you. You don’t have to lock yourself into food or alcohol delivery either! We’ll find you the job that’s most well-suited to your schedule and needs.

Whether you want to drive full-time, part-time or even just a few hours a week, Cantec Couriers makes being your own boss easy and efficient. 

  • Be Your Own Boss – Work on your own schedule
  • Existing Drivers – Supplement your income when other avenues are slow
  • Use Your Existing Vehicle – From bikes to trucks. We have packages to fit your rig!
  • We Support Sustainability – Use an eco-friendly mode of transportation and get better rates.
  • Work Locally – All of our clients are local businesses. 

Safety & Support

At Cantec Couriers, we know that our drivers are the heart and soul of our business. 

We don’t leave our drivers hung out to dry.

Our best-in-class support team helps you stay safe and protected both on and off the road.

Rest assured that your safety, well-being and peace of mind are at the forefront of our priorities.

  • All drivers are covered with liability insurance
  • Driver Vetting – All of our drivers undergo a thorough background check and in-depth onboarding process
  • Live Support – Get live support when you need it with our local support team

Start Driving with Cantec Today

If you’re looking for a role that grants flexibility, increased earning potential and the peace of mind that your employer has your best interests at heart, Cantec Couriers is for you! It’s not lost on us that our drivers are what ensures our success.

In this way, you can rest assured that we deliver on our end as well!

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