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How Premier Shipping Changed Forever?

Premier shipping is not completely different from express and other types of shipping options offered by e-commerce companies. However, you can enjoy many benefits that may otherwise not be available with other shipping modes with premier shipping. 

This type of shipping has transformed the shipping landscape and the entire industry worldwide, especially in Canada. If you’re not familiar with premier shipping, its benefits and how it changed the shipping scenario, this post is for you.

Note: Premier shipping is a type of shipping available with e-commerce retailers in Canada and some parts of the world. This shipping method is not to be confused with the Premier Shipping Company based in Singapore and a couple of other places in the world. 

What is Premier Shipping?

A shipping method where customers/buyers get access to the best shipping options available with an e-commerce store is often referred to as premier shipping. With premier shipping, you can get your deliveries within, the same day, one day, overnight or two-day, which greatly reduces the shipping/delivery times. 

For customers, premier shipping is typically a feature that is available only for elite members of the e-commerce brand that may or may not require some type of subscription or payment. With most e-commerce retailers, premier shipping is exclusive to one-day and two-day delivery services. 

What Does Premier Shipping Mean for E-commerce Owners?

For e-commerce business owners, the premier shipping feature includes the benefits of: 

Working with major shipping names

Premier shipping allows you to work with the best shipping companies. It includes local, national, and international e-commerce shipping and delivery. Some of the top names in the global shipping business are FedEx, DHL, Canpar, UPS, Purolator, and Expresspost.

In addition, premier shipping also gives you the option to work with same-day messenger companies for the quickest delivery options. 

Real-time updates 

Real-time updates for every shipping order are available when you work with premier shipping. So, if you choose, email updates and SMS alerts keep updated with every order so you can keep track of your shipment with minimum hassle.  

Data filtering 

Premier shipping features allow you to customize your shipping management reports so you can access information about any shipping orders from the hundreds of historical shipping data. 

Automated addresses 

Among the top features of premier shipping is automating multiple aspects of the shipping process. The system automates addresses through a live address book, so you don’t have to manually enter the addresses every time there’s a new order. 

Adding new addresses on the live address book is also effortless since you just have to complete a download, and you’re good to go. 

Logs shipping history 

Every order and shipping history is logged into the system, so you can access all information with a simple search. This shipping history is invaluable when it comes to automatic updates, installation, and saving time and money during the shipping process.

How Premier Shipping Affects the Shipping Industry. 

The features and benefits of premier shipping look a lot similar to express shipping and other premium modes of shipping from online retailers. Nevertheless, premier shipping features with automated address books, real-time up dates, and data filtering make the shipping experience a lot more seamless and straightforward for both e-commerce owners and customers.

Interestingly, international shipments account for more than 90% of the total shipments in the industry. And equally high is the number of international customers who expect nothing but the next shipping experience from brands and companies. 

With premier shipping, companies are able to maintain high quality with their order fulfillment and provide the best shipping experience even to international clients. Studies and data have shown that brands that provide real-time updates to customers for their orders are trusted over brands that do not. And premier shipping allows you to provide real-time updates through email notifications and SMS alerts. 

Apart from giving your customers the best shipping experience, premier shipping can also reduce a lot of stress and manual work and help your business. 

According to recent data, more than 20 million shipping containers cross the oceans with shipments every day. And these shipping containers account for more than $4 trillion worth of shipments in a year. 

And despite the staggering figures and the number of containers, the shipping industry is managed by a bare skeleton crew. 

E-commerce owners with premier shipping facilities have better opportunities to monitor their shipments and improve communication and customer engagement. 

In addition, with premier shipping, you can also reduce the overall cost of the business in a significant manner. Premier shipping features allow you to automate a lot of transactional and shipping aspects. Consolidated invoices, waybill searches with the click of a button, consolidated interface, and single pickup are some of the many ways to save money and resources. 

Premier Shipping – Present and the Future 

The pandemic of Covid-19 has changed all forms of shipping for good, and premier shipping is no exception. Across the globe, shipment delays, negative order fulfillment experiences and rising costs have become the norm. 

Supply chains of every industry have been affected by the pandemic and ensuing and prolonged lockdowns. The unprecedented situation meant huge losses for companies and the crew as well. 

However, as the world recovers gradually, the shipping industry too is making a gradual process. 

Premier shipping has the advantages of real-time updates, minimal setup with easy installations, and ease of managing an otherwise chaotic shipping process. In addition, premier shipping also ties you up with the best shipping companies for the quickest and most convenient shipping/ delivery to your customers. 

So despite the challenges, your e-commerce business has the best tool through premier shipping that you can implement to provide the ultimate positive shipping experience to your clients. 

Apart from the customer satisfaction and experience, your company can also cut down on resources and manpower since premier shipping makes automation easy. Ultimately, cutting down costs can save your e-commerce business money and increase revenue.

If you are an e-commerce owner of any capacity, consider premier shipping as part of your shipping strategy, and you will see big changes in the way you do business. Cantec Couriers can offer that premier shipping experience you’re looking to work with. Speak with one of our representatives today!