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How to Use Cantec Couriers to Send, Deliver, and Receive a Package

Want to learn how to use Cantec Couriers to expedite your deliveries and save time and money? Don’t sweat it. We designed Cantec to be easy to use from the ground up. 

Whether you’re sending, receiving, or delivering a package, it only takes a few minutes to get set up with Cantec. If you’re unsure how to use the Cantec Couriers app or online dashboard, we’ll walk you through the entire process! 

Here’s how to use Cantec Couriers to send, deliver, and receive a package! 

How to Send a Package 

To send a package with Cantec Couriers, you’ll need to first sign up. Once you’re registered, you can create a new shipping order on our mobile app or our website’s dashboard.

Here’s how to use Cantec Couriers to send a package:

  1. Click New Shipment on the mobile app or dashboard.
  2. Input the Pickup Information. This is where we’ll pick up your delivery and how we’ll contact you. 

We’ll need:

  • The Pickup Address
  • Sender Name/ Contact (Include Business name if applicable)
  • Sender Phone Number
  • Sender Postal Code
  1. Input the Delivery Information. This is where we’ll drop your delivery off and how we’ll contact the recipient. Cantec Couriers offers flex delivery so feel free to schedule a time that works best for you!

We’ll need:

  • Delivery Address
  • Recipient Name/ Contact (Include Business name if applicable)
  • Recipient Phone Number
  • Recipient Postal Code

If you have any order notes or special requests, please input them under the “Note to Driver.”

  1. Input the Package Details. This is information about your parcel, and it’ll help us plan and organize your delivery. Please package your parcel, print the waybill, and prepare to hand it off for delivery.

We’ll need:

  • The item category of the parcel that you’re sending
  • Parcel dimensions
  • Parcel weight (lb/kg)

If you have multiple packages, select the large package and total up the box weight. 

  1. Review and Submit your delivery. This is where you’ll be able to select your preferred pick-up date and time, as well as when you want your package to be delivered. 

How to Recieve a Package

To receive a package with Cantec Couriers, no action is required. Once the sender confirms their delivery request, our delivery team will contact the recipient to confirm the delivery. 

Here’s how to use Cantec Couriers to receive a package:

  1. Cantec Couriers’ delivery team will contact you through the contact information the recipient has provided to us. 
  2. Once we confirm the delivery time and dropoff location, our couriers will be en-route to deliver your package.
  3. Once the courier arrives, you can meet them at the pick-up location to receive your parcel.

How to Deliver a Package

To send a package with Cantec Couriers, you’ll need to first sign up and register as a driver. To verify your credentials, we’ll have you share information about yourself and the vehicle you’re planning to use to deliver. 

Here’s how to sign up with Cantec Couriers as a driver:

  1. Download the Cantec Couriers app for IOS or Android
  2. Upload the following information for verification
  • Driver’s license number
  • Vehicle registration
  • Additional information and documents for driver screening. 
  1. Once we’ve approved your documents and application, you’ll gain full access to the Cantec Couriers Drivers app and can go online to start earning!

Here’s how to start delivering with Cantec Couriers as a driver:

  1. Login to the Cantec Couriers Drivers App
  2. Change your driver status from “offline” to “online” and go through the pre-trip checklist.
  3. Once you’re online, you’ll be able to review and select the number of pickup and delivery tasks for the day in your area. 
  4. Select a new pick-up task from your to-do list, confirm the pick-up address, and choose a navigation app to start navigating to the pick-up location
  5. Once you’ve picked up the package, ensure that the packages and order IDs match by scanning the Waybill.
  6. After you’ve received the package, locate and confirm the delivery destination on your navigation app of choice and begin navigating to the drop-off location
  7. When you arrive, verify that the recipient is over 19 and that their face matches the identification on the app.
  8. Before hand-off, take a picture of the package and obtain the customer’s signature.
  9. Once it’s handed off, you can click “Done” to complete the delivery. 
  10. Return to the main dashboard and select a new “pick-up” task to deliver and complete!