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ICS Courier vs Cantec Couriers – What’s the Best Courier For You?

Courier services are plentiful, but if you want your package delivered safely and promptly, there are only a few dependable options you can rely on. ICS Couriers and Cantec Couriers are two competing courier services that offer various benefits for businesses and clients alike, but which company is best suited to deliver your parcel affordably, safely and quickly?

Whether you’re a business or a personal client, you deserve to have peace of mind when it comes to your packages. 

To help you make a more informed decision, we’ll compare and contrast the different benefits that ICS Courier and Cantec Couriers offer!

ICS Courier vs Cantec Couriers

ICS Courier Canada

ICS Courier is just one of many courier services available in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Based in Surrey, the company offers a patented ‘Next Day™’ delivery service and real-time tracking and multiple shipment search options. 

With roots in Ontario dating back to 1978, ICS Courier is one of Canada’s oldest courier services. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best. Here’s a review of ICS Courier’s services and how they compare to Cantec Couriers’.

Next-Day vs Same Day Delivery

In today’s digital-first world, convenience is king. If customers are shopping online, more than 80% expect same-day delivery, with 61% expecting their parcels and packages within 1-3 hours of placing them. Online shoppers want to receive their orders fast. If they can’t get their orders within the same day, they’re likely to place an order at all!

Fast delivery speeds are just one way a business or eCommerce site can create a satisfying delivery fulfillment experience. However, you’re not likely to drive customer loyalty with ICS Couriers.

While they offer Next-Day delivery and fulfillment solutions aimed at eCommerce businesses, the company does not offer same-day delivery.

If you understand business, you’ll know that if your business can’t meet your customers’ expectations, they’ll spend their money elsewhere. In today’s digital reality, where online shoppers have endless online options at their fingertips, this presents a problem.

Cantec Couriers, on the other hand, understands the need to respond to changing expectations. In addition to offering same-day delivery, Cantec Couriers also offers ASAP delivery in 1-3 hours for clients that need their parcels fast.

Your business might not need such fast fulfillment speeds, but your customers are already expecting it. ICS Courier might be a good choice for shipping parcels and packages within Canada, but it’s not ideal if you want your business to be competitive.

Hybrid Fulfillment Options

dark store delivery

Large, big-box retailers such as Walmart, Target and Whole Foods have embraced hybrid fulfillment options and the dark store concept. 

While door-to-door delivery is still the dominant fulfillment option, alternative options such as curbside and in-store pickup are growing in popularity for businesses and shoppers alike.

By adding warehouse capabilities to a store, businesses can pick, pack and process orders more readily and efficiently while offering their clients more flex delivery options. 

Small and large businesses alike enjoy the lowered cost, increased efficiency and reduced reliance on drivers that a hybrid fulfillment model offers.

Cantec Couriers’ technology services can help you set up a dark store within minutes. Our iOS and Android apps can help you digitize your entire store inventory and help you process and fulfill orders with the click of a button.

Despite the resounding success that dark stores have, this is a feature that ICS Courier does not offer. As eCommerce continues to grow as the dominant sales channel, failing to provide fulfillment options that take into account the location of your stores and their shoppers will impact your business’s bottom line.

eCommerce Functionality

Including eCommerce functionality on your online platform goes beyond offering package tracking, delivery alerts and shipment processing. Both ICS Courier and Cantec Couriers offer these services, but only one courier service integrates seamlessly onto your site.

While ICS Courier offers solutions for eCommerce, the benefits are limited to return labels, alerts, and API integrations, all of which Cantec Couriers provides, too. These business-facing benefits are great to have, but eCommerce platforms also need to focus on the user experience.

Managing with ease is great, but selling with ease as well is even better.

Unlike ICS Courier, Cantec Couriers is a digital-first company that places the customer experience at the forefront of its design. Our technology services are engineered to help you manage your orders easier, fulfill your deliveries faster and satisfy your customers better.

With Cantec Couriers, you can offer your customers the convenience of same-day delivery affordably and quickly. Our delivery scheduler seamlessly integrates across multiple eCommerce and retail POS systems to let your shoppers choose when, where, and how fast they’d like their orders and packages delivered.

We love making our clients’ jobs easier, which is why our dashboard lets you track, manage and process orders across all of your stores all at once. Our online dashboard also lets you automatically assign and dispatch drivers so that all you and your staff have to do is pick and package your orders.

ICS Courier vs Cantec Couriers – What’s Better For You?

ICS Courier is a great Canadian company, but its services are limited if you want your business to thrive. Building customer trust is difficult and losing it is easy, especially in today’s digital-first world.

Update your fulfillment experience and give your customers the experience they expect today by delivering with Cantec Couriers. Learn more about what we offer for your business and your staff how you can delight your customers with same-day delivery by signing up for free!

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