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Legal Weed Delivery – How Cantec Couriers Helps Deliver Weed

Beginning July 15th, 2021, weed delivery is officially legal within the province of British Columbia. This change is a welcome addition to Canada’s existing cannabis regulations and will provide another avenue for dispensaries to service their clientele.

Although cannabis delivery has been legalized, actually implementing the service could prove challenging for Vancouver dispensaries.

While dispensaries might carry a wide range of cannabis brands and cannabis products, fulfilling the delivery of these orders is a challenge in and of itself.

Hiring a fleet of drivers, dispatching deliveries, and keeping compliant with the province’s stringent regulations can quickly become an administrative nightmare.

In light of these challenges, many dispensaries are wondering how they’ll adapt to meet new customer expectations while staying profitable.

Customers, too, will be wondering how they’ll be able to get their favourite strains, edibles, and cannabis products delivered quickly and affordably without costing too much.

To offer a successful weed delivery service for your customers to shop for weed online, you need a delivery management solution that works with you.

You need Cantec Couriers.

Weed Delivery With Cantec Couriers – How We Can Help

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Cannabis delivery is a new frontier. The new weed delivery service legislation will open up access for customers across the province to order their favourite cannabis products online. Still, it also presents a substantial administrative and logistical challenge for dispensaries.

Dispensaries might have an online eCommerce platform to help facilitate online orders, but onboarding drivers, scheduling their deliveries, and tracking their status is an entirely different challenge.

Currently, only cannabis retail store licensees and their employees are authorized to deliver cannabis. Delivery is also limited to residential addresses within B.C. or curbside pickup between 9 AM and 11 PM.

With limitations on your driver pool and delivery hour, fulfilling even one weed delivery will be difficult.

Customers want convenience. If they can’t get their products in the cart delivered fast and quickly, they’ll be looking elsewhere.

Don’t lose to your competition – learn how you can automatically schedule deliveries, streamline your employee workflow, and offer same-day weed delivery to your customers with Cantec Couriers!

Automatic Onboarding and Weed Delivery Dispatching

Every dispensary in B.C. can offer weed delivery, but only registered dispensary employees can fulfill orders. This means that to provide delivery, dispensaries will have to hire their own delivery employees and manually schedule their deliveries by themselves.

The dispensary will also have to manually dispatch their drivers, plan delivery routes, and track the delivery status of their drivers, in addition to maintaining the store, processing orders, and servicing walk-in customers.

With Cantec Couriers, you can automate the entire process.

Once your employees are onboarded to the Cantec Couriers app, you can automatically schedule, dispatch, and pay your drivers through our easy-to-use dashboard.

With the push of a button, your team of drivers will be automatically dispatched based on availability, proximity and road conditions to maximize the number of deliveries per trip. Streamline your order processing, save money, and free up time for your employees to keep providing excellent retail service!

Seamless eCommerce Integration

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Implementing a delivery management solution doesn’t need to involve an entire IT team. Our dashboard seamlessly integrates into any eCommerce platform or site within minutes so you can process your orders easily, rapidly, and automatically.

Our built-in delivery scheduler allows your customers to enter their information on the check-out page, confirm their order, and choose a time slot for when they want it delivered.

Whether it’s ASAP delivery or a couple of hours later, our flex-delivery scheduler works with you and your customers to find a time that works for them.

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On the Cantec Couriers dashboard, you can easily monitor your drivers’ performance, measure their commission, and track the delivery status of each delivery kilometre by kilometre until it’s delivered from your store to your customers’ door.

Cantec will provide your customers with live updates, order tracking, and an estimated arrival time to warn them of any potential delivery delays in transit.

Ensuring that the quality of your online store experience reflects the quality of your retail experience means keeping in contact with your customers every step of the way. Deliver an excellent dispensary experience both online and offline with a delivery solution that communicates with you and your customers at every step of the sales journey.

Compliant, Fast, and Safe

Another challenge that dispensaries face when offering weed delivery is staying safe and compliant. Although cannabis regulations may differ from province to province, weed delivery rules in B.C. remain strict.

In addition to allowing only cannabis retail store licensees and their employees to facilitate the actual delivery, recipients will also have to verify their age, name, and signature before they can receive their order.

At Cantec, safety, service, and speed are our core tenents.

Although third-party couriers and drivers are currently not allowed to deliver, your dispensary can still provide customers with their favourite flower strains, edibles, and concentrates by onboarding your team to Cantec Couriers app.

Once your employees are registered, they’ll gain access to our route optimization tool. Drivers will be able to cut delivery times, reduce delivery expenses, and speak to our local support team whenever they need support on the road or off of it.

Our-in app verification process collects product barcodes, photos, and signatures to ensure proof of delivery regulatory compliance during the handoff.

Upon completion of delivery, Cantec will notify all parties. On the app, you can easily track your driver’s delivery history, check the delivery address, and verify your customer’s information to further ensure compliance.

The Best Way to do Weed Delivery

Legal weed delivery services have already been implemented in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. British Columbia is in a unique position given the variety of illicit options available to consumers within the province.

Many illegal dealers in B.C. have already provided their customers with the ability to browse marijuana flower strains, edibles, and other weed products. They can then have their products delivered within the hour and at near rock-bottom prices.

Allowing consumers to have the option for delivery will be a considerable advantage for legal retailers, open up access to a much larger audience, and will enable them to compete with illegal dealers. However, getting your products out the door while also maintaining service quality, service prices, and speed will come with its own set of growing pains.

Start your weed delivery service off on the right foot with Cantec Couriers. Sign up for a free trial today and see how easy it is to delight your customers, empower your staff and grow your dispensary with Cantec Couriers.

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