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Novex Courier vs Cantec Couriers – What’s the Better Choice?

When it comes to getting your packages delivered, you have a lot of options. If you’re in the lower mainland, Novex Courier and Cantec Courires might come to mind as potential partners to help you meet your delivery needs, each with their unique benefits and services.

Whether you’re looking to track your business’ deliveries easily or send a parcel across the greater Vancouver area, you deserve to have a shipping and delivery partner who works with you to meet your needs.

If you’re not sure which same-day delivery service is right for you – don’t worry. Let’s look at some of the benefits and features that Novex Courier and Cantec Couriers offer together, so you make a better-informed decision!

Novex Courier vs Cantec Couriers

Based in Richmond, BC, Novex is a delivery courier offering same-day delivery solutions across the Greater Vancouver Area. Like Cantec Couriers, Novex Courier is locally owned and has been servicing the Vancouver Area and the surrounding Fraser Valley for years.

Offering various services, including online delivery tracking and scheduled pickup, Novex delivery solutions’ motto of “changing the way we deliver” seems to ring true, but is it the best bang for your buck?

Here’s how Novex Courier stacks up against Cantec Couriers.

Online Functionality – Dedicated App vs Online Portal

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Apps are the touchstones of today’s business world. They’re convenient to use, easy to set up and accessible from almost anywhere. For example, Cantec Courier’s app not only lets you and your business dispatch orders, schedule pickups and manage orders all on your phone or desktop; it also enables you to track our courier’s progress and performance.

While Novex Courier has an online portal accessible by browser, they don’t have a mobile app.

Even if you’re not managing a business, the accessibility and ease of access that a mobile application offers are essential. Browsing an online portal on your smartphone is complicated and clunky and can be a pain, especially if it’s not optimized for the mobile experience.

Although their mobile application is said to be ‘coming soon,’ Cantec Courier’s mobile and desktop application already offer order placement, quick and easy payment options, courier tracking and speedy estimates to save you time and money – services that Novex Courier’s application promises to provide.

Would you want to visit Novex Courier’s website, sign in to your account, enter your Novex Courier tracking number and wait for the page just to track your parcel? Or would you rather open an application and instantly see where your parcel is at and how long it’ll take for the package to arrive at its intended location?

Cantec Couriers is a digitally native courier service that understands the need for convenient and fast service. What better way to service the digital-first world than by partnering with a digital-first courier service?

Multiple Fulfillment Options

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Courier services don’t have to be limited to just business-to-consumer fulfillment. Imagine consolidating your inventory across all of your stores and locations and letting your customers choose when and where they’d like to pick up their package.

If your business has multiple stores, embracing the dark store concept could increase business revenue, reduce your operating costs, and increase sales.

Dark stores operate by transforming retail locations into miniature fulfillment centers. By your stores’ inventory both online and offline, your customers can place an order online and choose the location closest to them to pick it up.

Cantec Courier’s powerful plugins and integration make doing this a breeze. If one of your retail stores doesn’t have a particular item or product, one of our couriers will pick it up and drop it off at the store that needs it.

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Our platform seamlessly integrates with your POS system so you can start offering your customers more fulfillment options within minutes- all without an IT team! While Novex Courier also offers same-day shipping, can they help you turn your stores into a rapid supply and fulfillment chain? We don’t think so!

Easy Integration With Your Online Store

If anything can be gleaned from the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that convenience is king. Convenience is one of the primary reasons why eCommerce sales are set to eclipse retail sales completely within the relatively near future.

In other words, an eCommerce website isn’t just nice to have – it’s essential. However, not every business can afford to rent warehouse space or hire their own fleet of couriers to manage their shipping needs.

Almost every customer expects same-day delivery, but how many businesses have the eCommerce shipping capabilities to actually meet those expectations set by large online retailers such as Amazon?

With Cantec Couriers, you can.

Cantec Couriers help you turn your store into hybrid retail locations that operate as both retail stores and fulfillment centers. Our dashboard helps you stay on top of all your orders across all of your stores and helps you automatically dispatch deliveries with the push of a button. No matter where the address is or how fast they want it, Cantec Couriers helps you bring it there quickly and securely.

While Novex Courier operates out of Richmond, BC, with its own fleet of drivers, its lack of a mobile app and software can only help you take your business so far. With Cantec Couriers, you can give your customers the fulfillment experience they expect today without breaking the bank.

Novex Courier vs Cantec Couriers – Changing the Way You Deliver

Novex Courier is a well-known and respected courier service, but as we’ve explored today, it might not be the best choice for your business moving forwards if it wants to thrive in a digital-first world.

While the services it offers are first-class, its lack of iOS and Android applications, inability to offer more fulfillment options and lack of online store integration doesn’t make Novex Couriers as appealing of a choice as Cantec Couriers, especially in today’s digital world.

Learn more about what we offer for your business and your staff how you can delight your customers with same-day delivery by signing up for free!

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