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How to Write the Perfect Product Description

A good product description is the digital equivalent of a store display or shelf – it provides customers with information about your products and helps you sell them. If you’re operating an eCommerce website, a good product description is the only thing you have at your disposal to convert your customers.

As consumers browse for products in retail stores, they can see, touch and handle the products themselves. However, potential customers can’t do this at an online store, which is why product descriptions are so important in the context of eCommerce.

Providing online shoppers with a description of your product’s features and benefits alone isn’t enough. You must describe your product to customers so that it’s almost tangible – so descriptive that they can visualize the product in their hands and use it.

The better your product descriptions, the faster your customers will come to a purchase decision and the higher your conversion rate. A great product description could be the difference between a sale or an abandoned cart. One study points to missing or unclear product descriptions as the driving factor behind 20% of purchase failures!

Below, you’ll learn more about the importance of great product descriptions and how to write product descriptions that sell!

Why Do You Need a Product Description?

A product description is an excellent example of marketing copy. In the eCommerce business, product descriptions don’t just describe product features – they tell a story and illustrate how your products will enhance their lives and why they should purchase it.

As such, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for writing product descriptions. Using a product description template to write your description will only harm you in the long run. Even products from the same brand in the same product category have different descriptions!

Product descriptions must be bespoke. With the exception of email correspondence and live chat, descriptions are one of the only avenues you can engage with your customers and show off your brand personality. It’s more than just a way to populate your product page – it’s a possible way for you to brands and businesses to identify pain points, tell their brand story and connect with their customers.

5 Tips to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

Don’t rely on a pre-fab template for your product pages. Connect with your customers, tell your brand’s story and connect with your customer with these five critical techniques:

Focus on Your Target Audience

product description example
GeForce RTX 3090 (

Compelling product descriptions have a narrow focus, not a wide breadth. While it might sound like a good idea to make your description appeal to as broad an audience as possible to convert more customers, the opposite is more effective.

If your focus is too broad, you risk your product page coming off as generic and uninspired. Different customer segments have different needs, wants and concerns. To sell effectively, your product description doesn’t need to connect with everybody; it just needs to connect with the right audience.

A great way to connect with your target customer is to use power words from your niche. If you’re selling power tools, get into the specifics of the battery’s wattage, included accessories and examples of how your product can be used in the real world.

In other words, you want to imagine that you’re selling your product to the customer in a store and translate that verbiage to your description.

Additionally, targeted and direct phrases like “you” and “your” help establish a personal connection with your target customer and helps present your brand as an amicable one.

For NVIDIA’s graphics cards, all critical information is included to drive sales.  Technical details about its performance and processing speed may not be pertinent for all audiences, but it certainly is for the buyers the computer parts giant is trying to target!

Highlight Features as a Benefits

product descriptions guide
M18 FUEL™ 1/2″ Drill/Driver w/ ONE-KEY (

Product page descriptions are the perfect example of “show and don’t tell.” You don’t want to bore your shoppers with a laundry list of bullet points when you’re selling online. Writing about your benefits and features is necessary, but focusing solely on them will make you miss the forest for the trees.

Put another way; your product description needs to tell shoppers how your product will enhance their life. Letting shoppers know what your product does is excellent, but it has to be presented in such a way that its features are its benefits.

Check out the above example from Milwaukee Tools. The product description promotes the drills 1,200 lbs of torque for ‘demanding’ professionals and the drill’s shorts length as a way to get into tight, compact spaces. Milwaukee also upsells its battery packs as a way to ‘deliver more work’ by reducing charge times than their competitors.

How do your product’s features help solve a customer’s problems? If your product description can answer that question, then you’re on the right track!

Keep it Simple

how to write a product description
Basin 36 (

It’s easy to get lost in the details. When writing your product description, keep in mind that your shoppers won’t have the same level of familiarity or understanding as you do with your products. You can get into the nitty-gritty details, but you’ll run the risk of scaring your shoppers away with a wall of text.

In the above section, we mentioned how bullet points could scare potential shoppers away. However, the same is true if your product description looks more like a novella than an actual product page.

For the most part, online shoppers don’t read web pages; they scan them. Using a descriptive product title and bullet points strategically is a great way to sum up your product’s features while keeping your shoppers engaged.

In the above North Face example, the product description for their day pack includes a ‘features’ section to let shoppers quickly see how it’ll benefit them.

Not only will you be presenting shoppers and search engines with the most essential product information, but you’ll also be optimizing your product description for web scanners, not web readers.

Tell Your Brand Story

product description examples
Starbucks Odyssey Blend™/MC (

What separates your product from the potential hundreds of others like it? Is there anything significant that sets one microwave or blender apart from another? Probably not, which is why branding is so important.

Branding boils down to storytelling. You’re essentially writing how your brand’s products will benefit your shoppers and improve their quality of life. Elements of brand storytelling include tone of voice, brand personality and brand values.

In the above Starbucks example, the giant coffee company sets the tone by diving deep into their brand’s story and legacy.

Shoppers don’t look to buy specific products; they look to buy from particular brands. Incorporating your branding to the fullest in your product’s page adds to the overall eCommerce shopping experience, adds character to your product page and lets your shoppers engage with your brand entirely.

Utilize Search Engine Keywords

how to write product descriptions

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is huge in the online marketplace. Besides marketing, the only other way potential shoppers can discover your brand and products is through search results. As such, including the right keywords in your product description increases the likelihood of your page appearing on search engines and expands its web traffic.

For Autonomous’ line of office chairs, their product description includes keywords such as ‘ergonomic,’ ‘boost circulation’ and ‘custom support’ to target buyers as well as Google’s web crawlers.

You can increase your SEO score quickly by researching the keywords that your target group searches for and leveraging that to write your product descriptions. If Google likes your product description, online shoppers will have an easier time finding it!

Streamline Your Product Description to Sell

Excellent product descriptions take practice to write, but digital entrepreneurs can’t ignore their difference in converting shoppers. Like how a tremendous retail display can engage shoppers, a great product description are vital to connecting with digital shoppers, building brand trust and marketing your products.

Since your target buyer won’t be able to see, touch or feel the products themselves, you must take your time going through these tips to align your product description with your sale business objectives.

Alternatively, you can incentivize online shoppers to purchase your products more readily by offering same-day eCommerce shipping. Although 2.14 billion people shop digitally, many won’t want to make a purchase if they have to wait more than a few days for it. Offering shoppers the convenience of same-day delivery can help give that final push that they need to order and try your products! 

The world of digital commerce is intense, as we’ve seen today. Amazing product descriptions will set you apart from the rest, but if you want to increase your sales, you need the competitive edge of letting your shoppers enjoy their products the same day they order them.

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