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How Cantec Couriers can Assist with the Challenges of Same-Day Delivery

eCommerce retail is becoming an increasingly popular business model and purchasing platform, with offerings such as same-day delivery being among the most enticing features that your business can provide to set itself apart from competitors.

However, actually implementing this feature is much easier said than done.

Unless your business is already significant in size with substantial financial backing, it can be challenging to find shipping solutions to satisfy your company’s costs and customer satisfaction while also maintaining a competitive edge.

That said, the biggest reason for shopping cart abandonment is customers deciding that the extra fees, most commonly the shipping cost, are too high.

When combined with longer delivery times, this fact prompts many to feel unmotivated to make a purchase – especially if the cost of shipping is a substantial portion of the overall basket value. Small to medium-sized businesses face the dilemma of finding innovative and creative ways to set themselves apart and entice customers while also filling, packaging and shipping orders as rapidly and cheaply as possible, with many lacking the resources or capital to do so.

Why is Same Day Delivery Important?

These days, the reality is that consumers have much higher expectations than ever before, which directly influence their likelihood of following through when making an online purchase. Two of the most common selling points for successful conversions are fast and cheap delivery.

No longer are these features an added benefit to the initial product. Now, shipping time and cost can serve as the make or break element of whether or not a customer chooses to click ‘place order’ in the first place.

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Customers Expect Fast Delivery

An overwhelming 80% of shoppers already expect same-day shipping, and 61% want their packages within 1-3 hours of placing their order. With how logistics and supply chain technology operates today, to put it plainly, customers don’t want to have to wait, let alone pay extra, to receive their orders.

In other words, if they can’t have it cheap and fast, customers don’t want it at all, which isn’t great for business.

Today, the correlation between value and same-day delivery is growing more and more significant.

Unfortunately, what this means is that if a business cannot fulfill these expectations or provide same-day delivery, they may see an increase in customer dissatisfaction and a decrease in their client pool.

However, while same-day delivery is becoming an increasingly common expectation among consumers, many small to medium-sized businesses find it challenging to satisfy their customers’ needs while also ensuring the company itself continues to profit.

You Can Convert More Customers

Many customers appreciate and look for same-day delivery because it combines online shopping convenience with the near-instant gratification of shopping at a retail location.

In industries such as clothing, this element is fundamentally necessary because it allows customers the closest thing to obtaining an item and having the opportunity to try it on the same day.

For eCommerce websites, this serves as an incredibly promising catalyst to help boost online sales. If your business can attract these online shoppers, providing same-day delivery further positions your store in a competitive spot against stationary retailers.

Shoppers are Willing to Pay More to Receive Their Purchases Faster

Many shoppers would be willing to pay for same-day delivery to receive their items in hand faster. However, this is where things become a bit more complicated.

As a business owner, you have to make this service’s cost attractive enough that customers would be willing to pay slightly extra for accelerated delivery.

Typically, consumers seem to asses same-day delivery as an enticing offer if it costs less than 7-8% of the basket value.

That said, actually being able to make this offer is easier said than done.

Offering same-day delivery and executing on it efficiently and in a way that doesn’t cut into your bottom line isn’t as easy as it might seem.

Multiple factors may inhibit a company’s ability to provide same-day delivery, examples of which we will outline below.

Same Day Delivery – Set Your Business up for Success

Customers are more likely to buy from a business that places convenience and customer satisfaction at the top of their priorities list.

One of the most effective ways to demonstrate your commitment is by offering desirable features such as same-day delivery.

Not only will it show that you hear the expectation loud and clear. It also proves that you are taking the necessary steps to provide the highest tier of convenience for a seamless purchasing experience from ‘add to cart’ to ‘your delivery is on its way!’

With Cantec Couriers, setting your business up for success by creating a straightforward and effective same-day delivery strategy has never been easier.

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