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What is LTL Shipping? How to Make LTL Freight Work For You

LTL shipping, also known as less-than-truckload freight shipping, is a shipping service used for the bulk transportation of small goods or goods that don’t require an entire truckload.

Many growing eCommerce businesses and SMEs utilize LTL freight shipping throughout Canada to replenish their inventory while also keeping their costs low. LTL freight shipping is growing increasingly popular as an affordable, low-budget way to move less than 15,000 pounds of freight or less than six pallets of inventory.

If you’re curious about LTL shipping, the benefits it offers, and how you can coordinate with Cantec Couriers to avoid last-mile delivery problems, keep reading!

What is LTL Shipping? How Does it Work?

LTL Shipping definition

Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping is a shipping service that allows users to rent out a section of cargo space in a truck instead of the entire truckload, hence name. This form of shipping is often utilized by small businesses and eCommerce retailers for the economies of scale rates they offer when moving fewer goods.

Less-than-truckload shipping operates through a hub-and-spoke model that places distribution centers and terminals as “hubs” and smaller, local terminals as the “spokes.” LTL freight trucks act as the in-between between these two elements to create a scalable and efficient network across multiple locations and sites.

LTL freight shipping differs from FTL in which the latter requires shipments that take up the entire truck bed and where the former only takes up part of it.

As such, each client only pays shipping rates congruent with their shipping needs.

In this way, shippers can realize massive savings on shipping costs and transit times as the freight service departs as soon as the truck reaches capacity. This is in opposition with FTL freight shipping, which requires commissioning and filling an entire truckload.

Benefits of LTL Freight Shipping

LTL freight shipping offers many benefits compared to FTL, especially if you’re a smaller business. Here are the main advantages the LTL freight class offers compared to FTL.

Economies of Scale

With LTL shipping, you only pay for as much space as you need. You’ll have to split your shipment with other clients to get the most competitive rates possible.

By maximizing on multiple shipments at once, LTL freight carriers can optimize their efficiency and profit, savings that they’ll pass on to the shipper. You’ll also be able to save expenses on your supply chain by using LTL freight to save on warehousing costs.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to being cost-effective, shipping LTL is also beneficial in keeping carbon emissions low. Since truck space and capacity are maximized with LTL freight, there are fewer transportation trucks in circulation.

Shipment Tracking

Many LTL shipping services offer tracking for their shipments, allowing you to plan ahead to better receive and organize the incoming inventory.

Cons of Shipping LTL Freight

While LTL offers many advantages, it’s not without its downsides. Here are the most critical elements to consider when planning out LTL shipments.

Longer Delivery Times

Like many freight class shipping services, transit time between the distribution hub and your store or warehouse can take longer. Sometimes, the transportation truck will have to make multiple stops at multiple locations, making expedited shipping a challenge.

Potential Loss and Damage

In LTL logistics, multiple companies rent out space on the truckbed at once. In transport, your shipment may be loaded, unloaded, and transferred numerous times to accommodate the large number of goods contained within the trailer.

Shippers will have to account for the potential of loss and damage for a number of their shipments or the added cost of dunnage if they plan on shipping with LTL freight.

Specific Shipment Amounts and Quantities

LTL shipping requires a precise, consistent amount of products to be cost-effective. Since only a portion of the truckbed is being rented out, shippers have a minimum and maximum amount of weight and goods that they can ship at once. If your LTL shipments are inconsistent or do not meet the minimum or maximum weight requirement, it’ll be more affordable to ship with partial or FTL shipping instead.

Specific Delivery Zones

Many LTL shippers will only offer delivery to distribution centers, warehouses, or businesses directly. As such, freight shippers will have to coordinate with another service to complete their last-mile deliveries.

Cantec Couriers and LTL Shipping – How to Maximize Your Value

When it comes to getting your products and services delivered to your clients, time is of the essence. Customers today want fast, same-day delivery with easy access and plenty of rates. Sending your customer an LTL freight to their residential area as a last-mile delivery solution is not going to cut it.

For your business to offer expedited shipping to your customers, you need a courier service that works as hard as you do. You need Cantec Couriers.

Cantec Couriers is a courier service that helps you build better relationships with your clients, streamline your employee workflow and reduce your business’ operating costs.

Getting started with Cantec Couriers is as easy as 1-2-3. To offer same-day delivery, all you need to do is download the app, sign up for an account, and start delivering your products right away! For small business shipping or eCommerce shipping, there’s no better choice than Cantec Couriers.

Sign up today and experience the Cantec Couriers difference!

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